Springfield Camping & Outdoors


Springfield Camping started life as trailer tent manufacturer opening one day a week to the public. It was bought by the Gray family in 1981 and started to open more often, and offer more camping equipment, such as tents and outdoor supplies.

In 1992, they bought Denholme Mill in Luddendenfoot, a small village between Halifax and Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, and developed the property into an independent camping and outdoor store.

In the store they provide customers with the “personal touch” offering guidance on the most suitable products to buy.

Online they have great customer service, as Trustpilot reviews demonstrate, and respond quickly to emails. They also offer a quick delivery service, with most items being delivered the next day


We were tasked to develop a new ecommerce website to integrate with their existing MS Dynamics RMS or with a cost effective future-proof alternative EPOS system.

The ecommerce/EPOS system would need to manage stock control, order processing, product management, shipments processing integrate with other channels such as Ebay and Amazon, amongst other things, and be easy to use and manage.


The objectives of the project were to design, develop and implement an integrated EPOS/ecommerce system which will

  • manage products
  • manage stock control
  • manage order processing
  • manage customer accounts and online relationships
  • integrate with Ebay & Amazon marketplace
  • have a backup facility
  • be search engine friendly
  • provide an easy to use administration system which will automate the order processing more effectively
  • allow customers to engage and interact more readily
  • easy for customers to purchase products
  • have a secure online payment system including Paypal
  • use corporate branding and logos
  • enable the website to be responsive and adapt to mobile devices


Ecommerce: Magento- Magento provides a robust ecommerce solution with lots of functionality and importantly integrates with many different EPOS systems

EPOS: We looked at various EPOS systems including Intelligent Retail, EPOS Now and MS Dynamics RMS. Intelligent Retail was initially chosen to replace MS Dynamics RMS as it had similar functionality. During the later stage of the project it was found that the integration between the EPOS and Magento system was not meeting the complex requirements of the customer and therefore it was decided to use MS Dynamics RMS.


Springfield now have a responsive and adaptive ecommerce website which offers customers a great shopping experience. The ecommerce site integrates with the EPOS system, stock and orders are processed easily and quickly and products are added to the site much more easily. The ecommerce integration with their other channels has lead to a huge increase in sales.

Overall the website has been a great success.

Next stage – Continue to develop the digital marketing strategy and improve the website by adding blogs, videos and customers reviews.