Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consultancy

It might be cloudy but it's never dull!

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon provide a huge range of Cloud services including

  • AWS Cloud Compute– virtual servers, container management and serverless computing
  • AWS Cloud Storage– flexible, scalable and secure cloud storage
  • AWS Cloud Database– a range of database solutions to meet the needs of your organisation
  • AWS Networking services– including virtual private clouds, load balancing, DNS and direct connection


AWS Cloud Migration Services

Adoofa are AWS Consultants provide advice and support for organisations wishing to implement a cloud solution. Our AWS Cloud services include initial consultation, proof of concept, migration, implementation and support for organisations throughout the AWS cloud deployment.

Approach and Activities

  • Requirements, Scoping and Discovery
  • Create your AWS Cloud strategy
  • Design your AWS Architectural
  • Plan the Enterprise migration
  • Test the Architectural Design
  • Deploy the AWS Cloud platform
  • Provide Enterprise support
  • Set up AWS Cloud monitoring

Benefits of AWS Cloud Services

The deployment of these services is to improve efficiency of operations and service management process within large and/or global organisations.

  • Streamlines operation and service management processes
  • Provides integrated desktop and server management
  • Support on-premises, cloud and hybrid cloud deployments
  • Allows control of data, applications and infrastructure across all computing environments
  • Implemented effectively reduces IT support costs
  • Allows flexible and efficient use of application licenses


We would love to explain how AWS Cloud platforms can improve your organisations efficiency. Just let us know via our enquiry form or via 01422 752505