Can Business Blogs & Blog Posts be fun, interesting and effective?

Creating a business blog for your company can help in many ways. It can help by increasing Google search traffic, increasing your brand awareness, developing relationships with your customers or audience and building your reputation as experts in your industry to name a few.

For most businesses starting a blog and knowing what to write about can be a little daunting. Writing business blogs is completing different than writing content for your website, marketing and/or advertising campaigns; You have offer something different to your audience, it really needs to be enjoyable, fun and definitely not boring.. Here are some interesting business blog posts topics that will get your business blog off to a great start.

Business and Company News

A business blog isn’t the place to announce press releases; this needs to be done on your corporate website; However, you can repurpose your press releases and make them more personable for your audience and use them on your company blog.

Company news blog topics can include:

  1. Nominations & Business Awards
  2. New contracts
  3. Partnerships with other companies
  4. Expanision- Whether this is a global expansion or small growth within the company
  5. New key employee announcement
  6. Hiring of Staff
  7. New product or service announcements


Marketing Blog Post Topics

You need to be careful not to do too much sales promotional related content on your blog.. offering customers great content is the key

Blog topics can include

  1. Competitions- everyone likes to win compeitions
  2. Freebies- offering free samples to subscribers
  3. Product Reviews- Offer free products to other bloggers who will review your products
  4. ‘How to’s’.. having video tutorials, demonstrations and guides to help customers
  5. Discounts and Sales promotions- informing customers of promotions and offering discount codes
  6. Referral programs
  7. New product and service launches
Social and Community Causes