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Implementing technology solutions for today's schools

Technology for Education

Our experienced IT consultants provide technology advice and IT Support for schools across Calderdale. We provide a range of services to schools and academies including Google Cloud Services, Technology procurement including Laptops, i-Pads, Chromebooks, and Android devices, design and implementation of computer, infrastructure and wi-fi networks, training, ongoing IT support and management.

G-suite for Education (Google for Education)

Similar to G-suite, Google for Education provides school and educational organisations with a secure cloud based system that provides school with essential communication tools including

  • Gmail- Professional secure email for teachers, staff and students
  • Collaborate on Documents- Docs, Sheets, Slides
  • Share in the Cloud- Access to Drive, Calendars, Docs and other productivity tools
  • Secure storage in Drive, Gmail and the Vault
  • Connect via Hangouts for Video calls and messaging
  • Classroom- create, assign and mark homework easily via Google Classroom

Approach and Activities

  • Requirements specification~ gain an understanding of your technical infrastructure, computer equipment requirement and organisation requirement
  • Provide advice on suitable devices and management of devices using Google for Education
  • Discovery Workshop
  • Project management using Prince 2 delivery methodology- We plan, deploy and support.
  • Google for Education configuration and implementation including
    • Domain set-up
    • User Accounts
    • Classes
    • Profiles
    • Security
    • Device management
    • IT Administrative elements
  • Introductory training course for teachers and staff
  • Technical traning, advice and support for School IT Administrator
  • Ongoing Support


  • It’s completely free for educational institutions, with support direct from Google 24/7 at no cost
  • Create, share and collaborate in real time
  • Access at anytime, from anywhere!
  • Data is instantly stored in the cloud
  • Very secure
  • Reduces IT support costs

We would love to explain how a Google for Education can help your school. Just let us know via our enquiry form or via 01422 752505

IT Equipment including Laptops, Chromebooks & Android Devices

Adoofa can provide a range of IT equipment and products from laptops, Chromebooks, Android tablets, interactive whiteboards to printers and projectors. We have developed partnerships with leading suppliers and manufacturers which enable us to offer products from a range of high quality cost effective brands.

We always

  • work towards a solution that meets your IT and organisational requirements
  • provide independent advice focused on the educational needs of your teachers and children
  • make sure that they are fit for purpose, which in the case of children they must be robust and easily to use
  • make sure that you are supported throughout the installation
  • provide on-site training, if required.
IT & Technology for Schools



STEP 1: Getting to know YOU and YOUR IT Technology needs

We start by getting a better understanding of your school. Understanding your school, how your school and classrooms work, how your staff, teachers and children work helps us develop a good understanding of what IT and technology you need to meet your Schools requirements and objectives.

STEP 2: Proof of Concept Pilot

Once we have a complete understanding of your school and the IT equipment and technology you need to see whether the equipment and technology will work for you. So, we provide schools with a trial of tablets, chromebooks and other IT equipment so you and your team can evaluate them. The proof of concept pilot will concist of the following:-

  • A four week trial of a class set of devices
  • Access to demo domain for on-site management
  • Technical support and teaching/e-learning expert to help to ensure the technology is suitable
  • Deployment project plan including installation, configuring, testing and support
  • Details on leasing, purchasing, and/or parental contribution schemes
  • Chromebook Trial

STEP 3: Deployment

We work with schools to ensure a smooth, stress free deployment of school IT equipment and technology. Our experienced technical project managers ensure that you and your team are aware of the project scope, timeline, impact and their input from the start of the project.

Training is essential. We have found that in many schools the staff and teacher do not receive adequate training before new technology is introduced and they are ‘thrown in at the deep end’ which can make the uptake of the new technology more difficult than is necessary. We involve you at each stage and most importantly we provide in-depth training so you and your team feel completely at ease with the technology before introducing it into the classroom.


We launch the new IT equipment and technology. (HOORAY!) We are at hand the during launch week so we can provide classroom support.

STEP 5: Monitor and Evaluate

From the moment the new technology is launched we monitor how you are getting on with the devices and technology. We want your reaction and use feedback from you and your team to suggest improvements to the deployment process, how you are using the devices, and we share tips and useful information with other schools.

We are always looking for innovative ways of using technology within the classroom to bring real benefits to both children and teachers.

If you would like to know more please let us know via our enquiry form or give us a call on 01422 752505

School Websites

School Website Design & Development

We create simple and easy to use school websites that work.

All our websites are designed to enhance your school brand, allow visitors to quickly find the information they need whether that’s school policies, admissions, school opening times, arrange a meeting with the head teachers etc They all must have a good mix of content and images which promotes engagement and work very well on the search engines.

We have been creating business and educational websites for many years. See some examples below and our website section has more examples

Getech and Adoofa have been working together now for two years. The relationship is built on trust and respect and has continued to flourish. Clare continues to bring ideas to her customers and Getech are delighted that Adoofa continues to offer great service in the education sector.

Roger Slade

Area Account Manager , Getech Education