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We love Google Adwords and our clients love them too. They are quick, easy to set up and can have customers queuing at your door (virtually) as soon as you turn them on.  Best of all you can see which keywords or phrases your customers are using, which adverts they like best and which convert visitors into buyers.

Some of our clients have dabbled with Pay per Click or set up a Google Adwords account  but found it time consuming, not as effective as they thought due mainly to lack of knowledge and experience.   We can look at your campaign and see if we can make changes to make it more effective, give you a few pointers and off you go, or we can take over the managing of the campaign, so you can get on with running your business, managing your team or taking that well deserved coffee break!!

Campaign Activities

  • Research your target market
  • Target adverts locally, nationally or globally
  • Perform detailed keyword analysis
  • Develop and implement effective Google Adword campaigns
  • implement tagging/Google Tag Manager
  • Test, analyse and tweak campaigns to make them more effective
  • Provide ongoing monitoring, analysis and reporting


  • A valuable way of getting customers to your site quickly
  • Can drive sales quickly, increase registrations or promote your brand
  • Campaign budgets are affordable and controlled
  • Setup is fast and you can appear on search engines in just a few days
  • Campaigns are measurable and accountable- we can show you which adverts resulted in a direct sale
  • Flexible budgets

Who we can help?

If you manage your Google Adwords campaign in house, but are not getting the right results, let us help you turn it around.



Remarketing is an ingenious way to attract visitors back to your website who did not make an immediate purchase or enquiry when they first visited. The technology allows you to show your targeted ads in front of a visitor that had previously visited your website whilst they continue to browse elsewhere on the internet.

The remarketing ads are shown either as text and/or image adverts. The remarketing ads are managed within Google AdWords and are shown on web pages, that allow Google Advertising and are visited by your target audience.

Remarketing can be a powerful tool especially for online retailers and organisations looking to raise brand awareness and develop sales leads.


Reaching people already interested– We know that a visitor is interested in your product as they have already looked at it– we just give them a nudge to remind them to buy it!

Increase your Brand Awareness– The more your prospective customers see your brand the more likely they will make a purchase. Keeping your brand in their thoughts increases loyalty and the likelihood of a sale

Higher conversion rates – An increase in brand awareness leads to higher conversion rates for your remarketing campaigns. Keeping your brand at the front of their minds will increase your chances of a future sale.

Increased ROI – an increase in conversion rates leads to an increase in Return Of Investment (ROI).

Flexible budget and Audience Targeting– Google Remarketing allows you to target specific audiences and set a manageable budget.

Measurable– At any time we are able to check how your campaigns are performing.
If you would like to know more please let us know via our enquiry form or give us a call on 01422 752505




Creating, Engaging, Monitoring are the key aspects of successful social media marketing.
Our flexible social media management service enables us to provide you with engaging relevant content your audience will love.


Using email marketing and email newsletters are an effective method of targeting your customers in a measurable way. They help promote your products and services, build customer loyalty and can really help boost sales.


Relax and have a cup of tea. We can help set up and write fabulous blogs and news pages which will engage with your customers.


Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) is a method of developing a website so that it appeals to search engines. It is hugely effective when done correctly. We have been optimising sites since before Google!


Using digital technology in the most effective way will enable you to grow your business whilst not needlessly wasting budgets on technology that might look good but doesn't do what you want it to do!



Our brands are beautiful yet professional and allow customers a clear understanding of what the brand is saying.
They always make you smile!


How effective is your website? Is it dull and drizzly? Does it need some sunshine? Is your heading spinning trying to manage your online shop, Ebay and Amazon? We can help!


Having an effective Digital Marketing Strategy is vital to any organisation. We start with your business objectives and develop a strategy that will achieve your business goals.