5 Reasons why a Blog is important for your Business

What is a Blog?

What's a Blog

A Blog is a more informal style of website which was used originally used by people to create a daily diary entry or daily log of the things they were doing

The thing that makes a blog different than usual web page content is that it allows the content writer to pose questions or discuss items and the visitors can comment on what they have said and a dialogue develops between the blogger and audience..


Blogger and why Blogging?

A person who writes a blog is called a Blogger and when they write a post they are said to be Blogging!

Why do I need a business blog?

I can hear you saying.. I’ve got my website showing what products and services I offer, I use Twitter and Facebook too. Do I really need to do blogging?? The answer is YES!

There are 5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need to Blog (Actually all businesses whether sole traders, SME’s or Large Organisations need to blog)

Blog Reason 1- Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement is how you interact with your customers. We all know what it is like to be ignored by a sales assistant or even hassled by a pushy sales guy..it puts us off buying and we go to another shop. Online it is the same, your customer want to feel special and looked after so getting the right message across to your audience is vital.

Writing blog posts with great content that has comments enabled, allows your target audience to discuss what they like or don’t like, what they need and don’t need and what ideally they would like; they can talk directly to you and you are able to response instantly. The open discussion with your customers makes them feel important and generates loyalty and loyalty generates more sales!

Blog Reason 2- Search Engine Optimisation

Having great search engine optimised relevant content is key to getting your website ranked highly on Google. Blogging is a really useful tool in generating greate SEO content- publishing high quality content on a regular basis will improve your search engine optimisaton of your website as a whole.

The more high quality useful content linking to other high quality useful content on your website will help, over time, improve your position on the search engines. Plus other visitors will read the blog content and want to link back or even ask you to write or publish your content on other blogs. The more great backlinks you get the better your blog and website will perform.

Blog Reason 3- What does you brand stand for?

What does your brand stand for? Your website tells your audience what things you sell but people purchase certain brands not only for what product and service you offer but they buy into what connects with them on a personal or emotional level. Things that your brand stands for…

  • Are you an ethical business?
  • Do you promote fairness in the workplace?
  • Do you support charities?
  • Are you involved in the community?

Your customers want to know what your brand stands for, not that you are in business just to make money. Your blog is great at communicating your key messages, and getting your customers involved in your cause; this is important in creating and encouraging loyalty.

Blog Reason 4- Sneak a Peak Behind the Scenes

Everyone likes to know what happens behind the scenes, whether that’s on your favourite soap, what your favourite celebrity is doing today, or how business’ work and who works for them.

Let you customers take a peek into the workings of your company. You may want to have a guest bloggers of the week or month where you introduce a member of your team and they can explain the job they do and how it relates to your customers. It is great for customers to know who is making their product or helping them with queries.

Putting a face to a name helps customers feel looked after and again customers will more readily promote companies where they have experienced great customer service- in fact they will want to actively promote your company to all their friends !! Great PR!

Blog Reason 5- Expert Advice and How to...

What did we do before the Internet? If we have a problem and can’t work out a solution or need to know the best way to do something we go on Google and see what answers can be found in the search results. Most of these answers are found in blogs or You Tube video, Vlogs (We look a video blogs in a different post)

People, your customers, might find your blog as a result of this type of search. Especially as vocal searches are getting more popular, as they are more likely to search .. ‘ How to I fix my kettle, broken washing machine.. etc’ or ‘ How do I make the best pancakes’

Being an expert in your chosen field, offering free advice or showing customers ‘How to..’ do something allows your customers to feel like they can trust you- If you can nuture this relationship by suggesting they subscribe to the newsletter so they can get ‘free advice’ and blog updates you can then indirectly promote your products and services.


These are just a few reasons why having a blog is important tool to establish credibility, improve your brand, establish yourself at an expert, generate and benefit from customer loyalty. If you can create content that will bring benefits to your existing customers and potential customers then this will bring benefits to you and your company.

If you would like to create a business blog but don’t know where to start or need someone to write a blog for your business, then please give me a call (01422 752505) or send me a note. I can help you create, develop and write great content for your customers.

See you soon