Google Cloud Platform Consulting

It's fine to keep your head in the clouds- We've got you!

Google Cloud Services

Google has been providing cloud services since 2001 ( We’ve been using them since then!)
They started off providing businesses with business email, calendars and office tools. Since this time cloud computing has exploded.

Google now provide a range of cloud services to meet the needs of all organisations, no matter how big and complex or unique and bijou.

Google Cloud Platform

Adoofa specialises in the design, implementation and deployment of Google Cloud Platforms. We provide consultancy services in a range of computing environments such as on-premises, private and public cloud or hybrid cloud environment using a 3rd party cloud service such as Google Cloud Services.

Google Cloud platform is the next generation of cloud services. Google Cloud Platform frees businesses from the burden of managing infrastructure, configuring networks and provisioning servers thus allowing businesses to get on with doing their business!

Approach and Activities

  • Planning and Scoping workshop
  • High Level and Low level Design
  • Full life-cycle project management using Prince 2 delivery methodology including:-
  • Configuration,
  • Implementation
  • Operational acceptance testing
  • Skills and Knowledge transfer


  • Future Proof Infrastructure
  • Live Migration
  • Flexible Pricing- including sustained usuage and per minute billing
  • Fast archive restore
  • Scalable Global load balancing- from 1 to million+ instances instantly
  • Google security model ensures your data is protected
  • Global data centres
  • Global fibre networks
  • Transparent Maintenance


We would love to explain how Google Cloud Platforms implementations can improve your organisations efficiency. Just let us know via our enquiry form or via 01422 752505

G-Suite by Google Cloud (previously called Google Apps for Work)

G-Suite is a collection of web based apps which allow you to effective communicate within your organisation, with customers and with suppliers wherever you are. The collection includes:-

  • Gmail– for your email
  • Docs– to create, manage and Collaborate on documents
  • Office Productivity Tools (Sheets, Docs, Slides, Drawing)
  • Drive– Secure storage facility which can be accessed easily from any device. You can share access to specific files, folders and domains.
  • Calendar – to organise your work
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Google Hangouts– Video conferencing and messaging from any device


  • Completely web based so able to access all services from any device, anywhere in the world with a wi-fi or mobile connection
  • Offline storage and synching of data
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced productivity costs
  • Secure access to data including email, documents, calendars etc
  • Collaborative tools enable teams to work more effectively
  • Almost 100% guarantee uptime (Ok it’s 99.99%)

Who using is G-Suite?

It is suitable for all businesses from start-ups, small to medium business (SME) and large enterprises.

We would love to explain how G-suite can improve your organisations efficiency. Just let us know via our enquiry form or via 01422 752505



Google for Education

Similar to G-suite, Google for Education provides school and educational organisations with a secure cloud based system that provides schools with essential communication tools including

  • Gmail- Professional secure email for teachers, staff and students
  • Collaborate on Documents- Docs, Sheets, Slides
  • Share in the Cloud- Access to Drive, Calendars, Docs and other productivity tools
  • Secure storage in Drive, Gmail and the Vault
  • Connect via Hangouts for Video calls and messaging
  • Classroom- create, assign and mark homework easily via Google Classroom

Approach and Activities

  • Requirements specification~ gain an understanding of your technical infrastructure, computer equipment requirement and organisation requirement
  • Provide advice on suitable devices and management of devices using Google for Education
  • Discovery Workshop
  • Project management using Prince 2 and Agile delivery methodology- We plan, deploy and support.
  • Google for Education configuration and implementation including
    • Domain set-up
    • User Accounts
    • Classes
    • Profiles
    • Security
    • Device management
    • IT Administrative elements
  • Introductory training course for teachers and staff
  • Technical traning, advice and support for School IT Administrator
  • Ongoing Support


  • It’s completely free for educational institutions, with support direct from Google 24/7 at no cost
  • Create, share and collaborate in real time
  • Access at anytime, from anywhere!
  • Data is instantly stored in the cloud
  • Very secure
  • Reduces IT support costs


Who using G-Suite for Education? 

It is suitable for all schools and educational establishments.

We would love to explain how a Google for Education can improve your Schools communication, efficiency and reduce IT support costs. Just let us know via our enquiry form or via 01422 752505